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Ask, Answer, Results! Yorkshire Driver Training
Ask, Answer, Results! Yorkshire Driver Training

Corporate Driver CPC Courses with added value

  • Fed up with low quality Driver CPC Courses?
  • Do you wish you could get direct reports of how each driver is progressing?

At Yorkshire Driver Training we have an Electronic Driver Response Solution which gives the transport operator instant feedback on Driver knowledge and information retention at no extra cost. We can provide instant feedback, allowing managers to gauge understanding and also generate full reports on each participant for quick grading post-session and maintaining a robust training record.


Allows Employers Direct Access to:

  • The questions posed
  • The delegates response
  • The time taken to respond
  • The correct answer
  • The class summary

Click on the images below to see an example report:

Example Quiz

Live reporting

Example Report

See results in real time

Comprehensive Reporting

This means that you can provide evidence of training, giving you a robust record for any DVSA or FORS audits

Using our report generator, we can obtain data on individual students, groups, or the whole class. Reports can be drilled down to subgroups, individual questions, or the topics addressed. Reports can be printed or exported into software applications such as Microsoft Excel, pdf, csv

“As a management tool this is invaluable, it enables me to maintain a full record of the training received across the whole group. Because we can pose our own questions it has proved an effective way of ensuring that all our drivers are up to date with specific company procedures. This is a must for all professional transport managers.”

– Stuart Spencer / Group Transport Manager – Deborah Services

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